Quattro Mori restaurant is situated in Milan 2,in San Giovanni sul Muro street now named 1,Largo Maria Callas opposite Largo Cairoli point of confluence among Piazza Castello, Dante street and Foro Bonaparte and it disposes of a big and welcoming garden with secular plants,an oasis in the centre of Milan.

Quattro Mori restaurant opens in 1952 with Duilio Matteoni that makes it over to Arrigoni Egisto in 1958.The restaurant head office was situated in 9,Dante street not far from the actual head office,where it was moved in May 1969.

The building that today hosts the restaurant was built in 1870 and it was reorganized during the past years,it is the Teatro dal Verme seat, lighthouse of the Milanese musical activity, seat of concerts, meetings and debates.

Quattro Mori restaurant disposes of a bright large hall that shows itself on the garden,and a smaller one,enlightened by chandeliers and appliqués from '700,large tables spaced out from one to the other,allowing the customers cosiness.

A clear planning is given straight away to the restaurant,based on the qualità of a high level food,on a paper that suggests plenty of dishes from the tuscan tradition,based on the genuine products and on the style of the several manufactures according to the tuscan tradition,the care in the presentation,not ignoring the meneghine customs.


Are mostly to go often there Stock Exchange and Chamber of Commerci officials,stockbrockers,bank Managers and Directors and Presidents of important businesses situated in the area,the musical artistic ,shows world representatives,the RAI,journalists and politicians.


In november 2005 the Quattro Mori restaurant is made over to a well-known restaurateur,of tuscan origin and gastronomic traditions:Mr Cortesi Vasco Alberto;already knight of the traditions respects of the historical workshop with the restaurant “ A Santa Lucia” ( historical local)in San Pietro all'orto streetand the “Trattoria Torre di Pisa” in Fiori Chiari street(historical workshop). In 2006 Quattromori restaurant became historic workshop.

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